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1. Which events can be added ?

Any cultural event featuring multiple artists (not only a concert with a support act)
All types of festivals are welcome (music, dance, theater, movies, comics, ... whatever)

2. How to get your festival listed on our site ... ? Link exchange !

First add a link on your website to www.festivals.be (using the buttons below is always better)
Send an e-mail to info@festivals.be (incl. the press file or at least the date(s) and a website url)
Once your link is verified your site will be listed on our homepage.
You will get a full
"hard link" on our PR 5 homepage. Festivals.be is the n°1 festival site in Belgium.
We regularly check for the link on the listed sites.

3. Don't hesitate to contact us for any partnership or sponsoring proposal !

Please use one of these promo-buttons to link to Festivals.be
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